Seven Sexiest Sunglasses That Will Have You Turning Heads This Summer

Admit it: you feel so cool and sexy hidden behind your lenses whilst you secretly scope others checking you out. Your eyes are a window to your soul, you don't just let anyone in right? So whether you collect or obsess over your aviators, or just want to find the perfect mirrored lenses, every pair of sunglasses you invest in must absolutely make you feel like a superstar otherwise why bother?

We've compiled seven of some of the edgiest to make you feel your sexiest...and all from Hi Hun's Jet Setter Collection.

All under £25 too. 

Enjoy Hun xx



You don't need to be in the Windy City to wear these babies. Available in 8 different colour variants...ooh kill em'

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Never been? Well now you can feel like a true Parisian walking through the streets of your city whilst everyone moves out the way to let your sexy attitude through. With a choice of 7 colours, one of them will surely make you say ooh la la.

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We think Aphrodite would have rocked the blue mirrored ones. But it’s ok hun you don't need to be a Greek Goddess to own a pair because we know you’ll feel like one when you’re wearing them on that trip to Santorini, Athens or anywhere else in the world you're going to this year. These stunners come in 5 colours. Our fav is in Ice Blue.

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Hun, you can be the queen of any carnival if you show up wearing these. The Rio pair is one of our favourites just because we KNOW people will stop and stare when they see you in these and yes hun we thought they came to see Christ The Redeemer too. We can't decide on a favourite they're all sexy as.

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We’ve seen you practicing your catwalk on Oxford Street and thats perfectly ok. You're missing one key accessory hun and that’s a sexy pair of London’s. These mirrored lenses are proving to be very popular amongst models and celebrities a like. The best part is that you don't need to be made in Chelsea to afford them.

Click here to take a look here at all 7 colours (Opens a new winda)




If you want to look as stunning as Gaudi’s architecture then you need to check yourself out in a pair of Barcelona’s. These sunglasses ooze glamour and sophistication with their retro vibe. Did you know the acoustic guitar was invented in Spain? They'll be serenading you all day long when they see you in these! 

Click here to choose 1 of 10 colours that Barcelona comes in (Opens a new ventana)




Big Apple Big Bagels Big Buildings. Just like everything else in the States we had to have big sunglasses. We love these simply because… well they're big! If you love huge frames then these are for you. Of course, they come in mirrored styles and there's 6 to choose from. They say New York is where dreams are made of. You might have to tell them to keep dreaming when they catch you rocking the New York.


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So what do you think? Which one is your favourite?

Each pair we've featured here is sure to get anyone's pulse racing when they see you this summer.

We hope you loved reading our post and had as much fun as we did writing it! if you know someone who would kill to have a pair from Hi Hun's Jet Setter Collection, we would love for you to share it with them. Don't forget to comment which pair you like most in the section below!

Thank you hun! xx

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